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    The company was established in effect of our deep passion for fly fishing. The people who are responsible for the offer preparation and equipment testing are fly anglers who have gained their experience on the best rivers in Europe. Polish rivers of Pomorze, the San and the Dunajec as well as the rivers of the Balkan countries are favorite ones for the equipment to be tested. This is fishing on the Ribnik, San and Socca rivers that has provided us with enough experience to be able to create a perfect 8.6 feet long fly rod of 4 AFTM for dry fly method as well as EGO SUPER flagship line for delicate presentation of small grayling flies and longer distance fishing with the use of small nymphs. 

    We are of the opinion that in order to develop a perfect product there is no better way than spending long hours on testing it in real conditions. Only then the product can meet expectations of both experts and less experienced anglers. What we offer are highly specialized products not common ones available at the market. EGO offers carefully selected ‘gems’ which despite their attractive price aspire to the so called premium class. EGO strategy involves offering highly specialized fishing equipment to match particular fly fishing methods. Our products are often created in reference to fly fishing classics including materials such as IM6 or glass fiber. 


    Fly fishing enthusiasts are welcome to experience an unforgettable fishing adventure with the use of EGO products. 


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