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    EGO PIKE SYSTEM - test

    Fishing for pike on fly rods is going popular in  the world as well as in Poland, the dynamic development. Over the several years I am gathering experience, and I had the opportunity to catch a few or even a dozen sets of pike, mainly by use of rods in classes # 8-10, in lengths of 265cm - 310cm. It was the both the hardware and the so-called reputable companies. At the moment, I would say that the most optimal fly rod for pikes, should has parameters 9` # 9 AFTM. Fishing both from shore, from a boat or from belly boats. 

    The EGO kit includes PIKE SYSTEM;

    Rod 9 'in class 9 AFTM - equipped with a protective tube.
    Reel EGO BEETHOVEN 9/10 (now replaced in the kit by the reel EGO PIKE 9/10/11)
    EGO AGRRESOR fly line 30 meters long with a head 8-meter with a weight of 24 grams.
    Backing line power of 30 lb.
    Flies Pike Terror (


    Rod is made very solidly and carefully. Blank color blue in 4 composition, packed and delivered in a high quality protective tube. The manufacturer took care about all details. Guide threads are located evenly and carefully. Blank is simple, and the individual parts carefully match each other. Cork handle with elements of rubber. Additionally plus is known from other rods EGO system markings on different parts of the blank, white dots, facilitating proper assembling. Rod looks really interesting, reliably. The only downside is the quality of cork, but more about it that later.

    As for the class rod it is known that in Poland there is not too much places, which abound in the one meter length pikes. There could pike fish with the rod in class # 7, but used bait and their size and structure, tends more equipment to be used in the class # 9 AFTM. Therefore rod EGO famously parameters to enter in Pike equipment. The rod gives a lot of very fun during casting, it handles with really large flies. During the tests, the largest flies, which casted were the flies with a length about 25 cm. The action describe as medium fast or rather fast. Although the rod EGO is fast and has its own power, it is not a "stiff stick". During casts blank loads deeply, and transmit energy smoothlu on the fly line. Although this class # 9, anable to cast long distance with ease. 




    Overall opinion

    EGO kit PIKE SYSTEM is a great ready set. Very good proposal at the beginning of the adventure to chase for pike. Angler receives ready fitted set, does not have to wonder what the various elements of the kit don't match each other, all works perfectly. Thanks to its characteristics and parameters, this kit also find supporters among the advanced anglers. 

    Summarizing. very afordable price, excellent performances, high quality.

    Author: Daniel Kasprzak

    Photos: Daniel Kasprzak, Bartek Kopacz


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