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Fly reelsEGO reels guarantee high quality and durability. All models have been subjected to tests in the hardest possible conditions. Each model has gone through the so called water soak test involving long hours of being under water. Manufacturing accuracy of EGO reels along with implementation of innovative technical solutions will satisfy even the most demanding fly fishermen from the premium segment. Our reels have absolutely no, even the least, clearings. The spool is accurately set which gives it a possibility to rotate easily with no resistance. EGO reels are covered with a special scratch resistant coating. Logos and inscriptions are engraved with the use of a specially prepared laser. The reels that we offer prove that to purchase high quality fishing equipment one does not necessarily have to spend vast sums of money. Kołowrotki ze

Ego Thunder

Ego Thunder consists of a wide, duraluminum spool and an exceptionally ventilated, water proof and totally automatic braking system. All the components fit each other tightly so that the risk of clearance is reduced to minimum.

The gently profiled edge of the spool, used for manual braking during the fight with big salmon, is a perfect solution. Since our intention is to combine the traditional design with the latest technology thr reel looks perfect both in combination with modern HD rods and the type classic ones of older types. We know that Thunder can be used in the hardest conditions to be encountered while fishing including pulling huge fishes, saline water, temperatures below zero. The reel is covered with a special, scratch resistant coating.   










Outer spool dia.95mm103mm
Inside spool dia.35mm35mm
Spool width34mm40mm
Item numberRL-TH79-SRBKRL-TH911-SRBK
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