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Fly rodsDear fly fishermen! We have the pleasure to welcome you to experience the adventure of your life with our fly fishing rods which are the key to enjoyable and effective fishing. We have tested hundreds of rods for long years in all possible conditions that can occur while fishing. After long years of tedious work we have developed a series of fishing rods whose blanks have been designed to be cast with enormous pleasure.

Sakura series

In the fly rods the most important element is blank. Sakura is an unusual series of low price fly rods, built on the base of pleaseure action (medium-fast) blanks. 


he Sakurs's blanks offer a lot fot the fly fishermen. Firstly, all they are great casters, reaching distance over 20 meters is a piece of cake for the medium advanced fly caster. Secondly the rods hold fish steadily during the fight. Finally the Skarua rods are equipped with high quality guides, corck handle and wooden reel seat. These are realy the best quality, price ratio rods on the market.

All EGO brand fly rods are covered by 2-year warranty

All EGO brand fly rods go with protetctive cordura tubes


Item no.RD-SA4904RD-SA5864RD-SA7810RD-SA8910
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