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Fly rodsDear fly fishermen! We have the pleasure to welcome you to experience the adventure of your life with our fly fishing rods which are the key to enjoyable and effective fishing. We have tested hundreds of rods for long years in all possible conditions that can occur while fishing. After long years of tedious work we have developed a series of fishing rods whose blanks have been designed to be cast with enormous pleasure.


Let us imagine not a very big river with crystal clear and shallow water, full of large graylings feeding on small flies on the water surface under tree branches hanging down from the river bank. Graylings are very fearful and even the smallest disruption can stop them from looking for food for a longer time though they do not escape but just stay and wait.  

When it comes to fishing of this kind, there is no better rod to be used. We cast over a distance of 10-12 m, the fly needs to be placed 10cm from the bank, under a branch of alder hanging down from the tree casing its shadow over clear water of the river. Due to perfect convergence of its blank our glass fiber fishing rod enables fast formation of an ideal narrow loop without the necessity of swinging the line. The loop is tight which allows to unwind the line at a slightly slower rate giving us time to focus on straightening the tipet, delicate lifting of the rod in the last stage of casting, and eventually, putting our small dry fly exactly in the intended place. After having touched the water surface the fly, sucked by a big grayling, slowly disappears under the surface. Excellent softness of the rod amortizes all sudden jerks of the fighting fish. A delicate tip of the rod provides the 0.12mm wide tipet with perfect protection. There is no need to be afraid to hold stronger the fish which has suddenly started to escape under a fallen tree. In the final phase of the haul the line is almost entirely wound on the reel and the fish is held only on a 2 meter long tipet. The fishing rod is raised high, the blank is bent deeply up to the handle and this is the moment we gain full control of the fish landing to the net. 

Ego Glass Fiber rod is a proposal for fly fishermen who have already gained some experience in rod casting . It is a little different from those available on the market. It is not a typical cow’s tail whose line needs to be swayed for a long time to form the right loop. The butt section of our fishing rod has been reinforced with Kevlar fibers which in combination with high convergence enables dynamic casting and, if necessary, makes it possible to get support of the double haul to provide the robust dolnik with additional load and effortlessly dispatch the fly over 20 meters. We were really impressed to see one of our test men cast the whole line at the first throw on the grass. During rolling casts, the soft and dynamic blank conveys energy onto the loop enabling effortless rolling even over long distances. Therefore, the rod will certainly find application on large rivers. 

* the fishing rod goes with a smart cordura tube 

* the handle is made of the highest quality AAA premium Portugeese cork

* the fishing rod is equipped with ultra-light Reciols guides

Length7' 8''/2,35m8'1''/2,45m
Item no.RD-GF7844 RD-GF5814
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