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Fly rodsDear fly fishermen! We have the pleasure to welcome you to experience the adventure of your life with our fly fishing rods which are the key to enjoyable and effective fishing. We have tested hundreds of rods for long years in all possible conditions that can occur while fishing. After long years of tedious work we have developed a series of fishing rods whose blanks have been designed to be cast with enormous pleasure.


9' in class 5 is the most versatile fishing rod of the series. Exceptionally dynamic and with perfect convergence, it can be used both for peaceful fishing with longer timing and quick dynamic fishing during strong wind or when the cast has to be far.

The rod can be overloaded with one class higher line to obtain a very effective tool to be used for fishing in small bushy rivers where there is not enough space to unwind the whole shooting head of the line. This rod will prove very useful for dry fly fishing. It will perfectly handle a May fly and larger flies. It enables putting an emerger on the surface over a distance of several meters. Casting the roll is pure pleasure as in combination with EGO NYMPH line we obtain a perfect tool for using rolls over longer distances. If necessary, the five from SUPER series will also operate with more lightweight streamers up to 7 cm.

*The fishing rod goes with a smart cordura tube

*IM6 and IM7 carbon fibers

Length9' / 2,75m
Item no.RD-ES590
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