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Fly rodsDear fly fishermen! We have the pleasure to welcome you to experience the adventure of your life with our fly fishing rods which are the key to enjoyable and effective fishing. We have tested hundreds of rods for long years in all possible conditions that can occur while fishing. After long years of tedious work we have developed a series of fishing rods whose blanks have been designed to be cast with enormous pleasure.

Great Caster

9' in class 7 can be considered as a universal seatrout rod.This rod can easily go with lines with short overloaded heads.

The major advantage is its huge line loading potential enabling casting out as many as 30 meters even by a medium experienced fly fisherman. While fishing seatrout on the Baltic sea it proved to be really matchless. However, it can be successfully used for trout fishing or harder fishing by streamers in large rivers with strong currents. Despite thick walls of the blank there is no need to use a heavy line and much effort to fish with comfort and precision. Now it is possible due to application of the highest quality carbon mats IM6 in the butt section and the middle part of our fishing rods. 

*Recommended fly line head weight is 18 grams. 

*The fishing rod goes with a smart cordura tube with four very comfortable compartments.

*Durable IM6 and IM7 carbon fibers.

Length9' / 2,75m
Item no.RD-ES790
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