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SH fly linesAfter many years of tests and trials, we have managed to work out a unique offer of fly lines, having thus captured attention of the best world producers. We have always been driven by a desire to create a product of the highest quality for an attractive price and we will never quit the idea to do so. Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that EGO lines offer best value for money.

Ego Fighter

Fighter is a sort of very modern line, which can endure even very bad weather conditions.

A thin running line in combination with a thick head ensures high speed, perfect loading of x-fast action rods and amazing casting performance with big flies. The line will prove its value when an angler needs to cast a heavier fly over a longer distance or when the terrain conditions unable to cast with a full head in air.

Head weight11g13g15g18g20g24g-
Head length11,3m11,5m11,8m12,1m12,5m12,8m-
Total length27m27m27m27m27m27m-
ColorPale Green/LtYellowPale Green/LtYellowPale Green/LtYellowPale Green/LtYellowPale Green/LtYellowPale Green/LtYellow-
Sink rateFloatFloatFloatFloatFloatFloat-
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