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SH fly linesAfter many years of tests and trials, we have managed to work out a unique offer of fly lines, having thus captured attention of the best world producers. We have always been driven by a desire to create a product of the highest quality for an attractive price and we will never quit the idea to do so. Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that EGO lines offer best value for money.

Micro Skagit HD (Heavy Duty)

After great market success of Ego Mirco Skagit fly lines, we decided to extend MS series and offer to higher sizes. Purposely, new sizes have been marked with HD letters. What is more, the color has been changed, HD version is heavier what affects in ability of casting sinking tips. The running line is thicker and the head is equipped with handling section.

The Micro Skagit HD series is avaiable in 6,7 and 8 line weight classes. The line has been designed for single hand fly rods and under hand casting but it also works well with SWITCH or light double hand fly rods. Micro Skagit HD could be cast also over hand style. For sure, it's one of the most universal fly fishing line on the market.

Head weight15g17g19g-
Head length9,5m10m10,5m-
Total length30m30m30m-
Sink rate----
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