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SH fly linesAfter many years of tests and trials, we have managed to work out a unique offer of fly lines, having thus captured attention of the best world producers. We have always been driven by a desire to create a product of the highest quality for an attractive price and we will never quit the idea to do so. Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that EGO lines offer best value for money.

Ego Super

Our flagship product. A line created in order to meet requirements of both very demanding anglers and those who want to start their fly fishing journey with a very good quality line. 

The line is equipped with a long head, which narrows evenly from the back taper to the end of the tip. The front taper is long and narrow throughout its length which, enables very light presentation of even the smallest flies. This type of head releases the energy steadily and gradually at the same time leveling excessive speed and the line jerking in the final phase of the cast. Additionally, it allows to perform a very narrow loop. Enthusiasts of dry fly fishing, gentle fishing with small emergers and light longer distance nymphing will fall in love with this line and stay by it for many years

Head weight13g15g17g
Head length13,5m14,5m14,7m
Total length27m27m27m
Sink rateFloatFloatFloat
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