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Ego Armor Pack is the highest quality technical vest, perfectly adjusted to the needs of an individual fly fisherman. It is exceptionally comfortable, sewn from very strong materials. Its usefulness will be appreciated by those who walk long distances. 

An advanced regulation system adjusts Armor Pack to an individual person and relieves the spine. It is extremely comfortable and thoroughly designed. It will let you hold everything a fly fisherman needs for fishing and even more. A precise regulation system prevents from shaking while fast marching. It distributes evenly the load relieving our shoulders and spine. The front provided with a chamber, large enough to hold two medium size boxes + small accessories, and a smaller chamber with a fly pad. Additionally,an elastic pocket providing the possibility of shooting films with a smart phone. The back is equipped with a special set of pockets providing the possibility to increase the capacity of the largest pocket by 150%. The whole vest has been designed so that our shoulders can be burdened as little as possible. Armor Pack even heavily loaded, distributes evenly the pressure force and does not affect adversely our spine. This is possible due to the stiff layer which is in contact with the fisherman’s the back the same way it is in the best backpacks. Inside the back part of the vest there is a large flat pocket perfect for holding a PackLite type jacket.

Item no.TP-ARMOR-01
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